Currency Exchange Rates in Excel

Get foreign exchange rate quotes from Yahoo Finance with custom-built formulas right inside this spreadsheet.

Supported versions: Excel 2007, Excel 2010, and Excel 2013. Last Tested: 3/12/2015


This spreadsheet contains custom-built formulas that can get almost live exchange rate quotes as well as the bid, ask, and time of the quote from Yahoo Finance. And with a click of button, you can refresh all the quotes in the spreadsheet, or you can set the quotes to auto refresh every minute.

A Note About the Data Source

The slightly delayed foreign exchange rates are downloaded from Yahoo Finance's API, which is a free service and could be temporarily unavailable from time to time for various reasons. In this case, try refreshing the exchange rates again at another time. If the issue persists for a few days, possibly due to a permanent change in the API's web address, please come back to this page and download the latest file.

Formulas Documentation

Below are the four custom-built formulas that do the heavy lifting of getting the exchange rate quotes behind the scenes. Use the custom-built like any regular formulas within this spreadsheet. The spreadsheet comes with three templates to help you monitor your foreign exchange rates.

Returns the delayed quote for currency pair from Yahoo Finance.
Example: =ExchangeRate("USD/CAD")

Returns the bid price for currency pair.
Example: =ExchangeRateBid("GBP/EUR")

Returns the ask price for currency pair.
Example: =ExchangeRateAsk("EUR/AUD")

Returns the date and time of the quote for currency pair.
Example: =ExchangeRateDateTime("NZD/CHF")

Further Customization

The spreadsheet already comes with exchange rate quotes in table, panel, and matrix views, but if none suits your trading style, you have the freedom to put together your own ultimate quotes dashboard with using custom-built formulas.


I really enjoy putting together simple yet practical spreadsheet tools - from coding the core functionalities to designing an intuitive template - that people would actually use regularly. Any feedback or suggestion to help improve this spreadsheet is sincerely appreciated.

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